Building Resilience for High-Performing Teams

Equipping leaders with the skills and techniques to support teams in delivering excellence in challenging environments, empowering them with the tools and mindset to thrive and achieve unprecedented success. This 4-day programme is available with UK University Certification of Endorsement and/or CPD Certification 30 hrs/points on request.

Programme Overview

Discover essential skills and techniques for leaders to equip themselves with and effectively support their teams to excel within challenging environments. This specialised and highly interactive programme will equip delegates with the latest management, psychology, and professional development applications. Through this programme, delegates will gain insights into fostering team growth and performance amidst uncertainty and rapid change.

In current times, the cost of recruiting and training new team members, coupled with the loss of invaluable tacit knowledge, underscores the importance for companies to invest in their teams’ well-being. This programme delves into understanding the intrinsic motivations of team members, strategies to cultivate a cohesive team culture, and approaches to mitigate attrition among talented individuals.

Leadership and communication skills are paramount for personal and team success, with resilience-building emerging as a crucial competency for senior executives, as evidenced by research in volatile environments.

This programme offers:

Comprehensive insights into the contemporary organisational landscape and the role of leaders.

Understanding of team dynamics, motivation, resilience, and anti-fragility.

Utilisation of techniques derived from Positive Psychology and Coaching.

Provision of practical tools for delegates to implement in their daily professional endeavours.

Engaging exercises and challenges to reinforce learned techniques and methodologies.

Professional setting and an avenue for peer discussion on leadership challenges.

Opportunities for self-reflection and enhancement of personal practice.

Upon completion of the programme, delegates will be equipped to:

Apply relevant theories to business operations and activities.

Implement a range of simple, practical tools to foster a positive team culture.

Utilise techniques of one-to-one and team coaching to enhance mindset, focus, and drive.

Engage in networking and exchange practical leadership experiences and insights with peers.

Develop and enhance their Professional Development Plan, contributing to their growth as stronger leaders.

This programme is ideal for senior and mid-level managers, aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to enhance self and team resilience and wellbeing. Contact our team to enquire about joining our next Open Programme, or to discuss your in-house requirements.

Benefits for you

Enhanced Team Performance: Learn strategies to strengthen team resilience, leading to improved performance even in challenging circumstances.
Reduced Stress Levels: Equip yourself and team members with tools and techniques to manage stress effectively, fostering a healthier and more supportive work environment.
Improved Problem-Solving Skills: Build resilience by developing problem-solving skills, enabling yourself and your team to overcome obstacles and setbacks more effectively.
Enhanced Leadership Skills: Gain insights into effective leadership practices that promote resilience and empower leaders to guide teams through adversity.
Adaptability: Develop the ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments, ensuring you and your team remain agile and responsive to changes.
Career Growth: Resilience is a key attribute for career advancement as professionals who can navigate challenges and setbacks effectively are more likely to achieve long-term success.
Personal Development: Building resilience contributes to personal growth and self-awareness, empowering yourself and your team to overcome limitations and reach their full potential.
Network with industry professionals and like-minded peers
Earn a valuable certificate on completion

Benefits for your organisations

Improved Leadership: Resilient managers lead by example, inspiring their teams to persevere through challenges and maintain productivity during difficult times.
Enhanced Team Performance: Managers equipped with resilience training can foster a resilient team culture, leading to improved performance, higher morale, and lower turnover rates.
Better Stress Management: Resilient managers are better equipped to manage their own stress and support their team members in times of high pressure, reducing absenteeism and burnout.
Effective Problem-Solving: Resilience training provides managers with the skills to approach problems with a positive mindset, leading to more effective problem-solving and decision-making.
Increased Adaptability: Resilient managers can adapt quickly to change and uncertainty, ensuring the organisation remains agile and responsive to market dynamics.
Enhanced Employee Engagement: Resilient managers create a supportive work environment where employees feel valued and empowered, leading to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.
Reduced Conflict: Managers with resilience training are better equipped to handle conflicts and disagreements constructively, fostering a more harmonious work environment.
Long-Term Success: Investing in resilience training for managers sets the stage for long-term organisational success by building a culture that can withstand challenges and thrive in the face of adversity.
Delegates will leave with an emotional intelligence development plan that can be used for continued professional development

Upcoming programmes

Format Location Dates Duration Fees Availability
Face-to-face Dubai September 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face London November 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face Edinburgh September 2024 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face Abu Dhabi October 2024 4-days £4200 Available
This programme comes with a UK University Certificate of Endorsement in recognition of its high-quality sector leading provision. This programme is also available with CPD Certification of 30 hours /points. If you would like to receive certification, please let a member of our team know when you enrol onto the programme.

Why choose Illuminare Executive Education?

Illuminare Executive Education was founded to meet the needs of global corporations and professionals who appreciate and demand high-quality education and services that the UK Higher Education sector is renowned for. Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we provide it in ways that are easy to access, agile to engage with, and applied in delivery.

We are proud that our founders and team are all leading UK academics and practitioners. Our programmes are all designed to the same quality standards that UK Universities adhere to. For many years we have successfully designed, validated, and delivered new and existing UK university programmes (degrees, apprenticeships, short courses, and executive education) to meet market demand, and we continue to provide advisory services on curricular modifications to ensure they reflect the changing needs of the global market.

Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we bring you our knowledge, skills, experience, and support through provision of our own university endorsed globally recognised programmes, business services and executive coaching. As a mark of our high-quality provision, all our programmes are available with UK university certification and / or CPD certification on request.

Our team have extensive experience of working in and with organisations from around the world and will bring you the latest research, teaching and learning combined with the most current global professional practice, in ways that work for you and your organisation.

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