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1st-4th July 2024

Programme Overview

Welcome to our Mini-MBA programme – your fast-track to mastering essential business skills and accelerating your career. This dynamic programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, skills, and insights needed to excel in the world of business, all within a condensed timeframe.

Over the course of this 4-day programme, you will delve into the core modules of international business strategy, leadership and talent management for transformational change, strategic marketing and brand management, and financial analysis and economic decision-making for business. Through comprehensive exploration, you will leave the programme empowered to make well-informed business decisions and effectively lead teams towards success.

This programme is ideal for senior and mid-level managers, aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to enhance their business acumen and leadership skills. Join us on this transformational journey to elevate your career and make a lasting impression in the world of business. Enrol today to secure your place on one of our upcoming Mini-MBA programmes in Dubai or contact our team to discuss your in-house requirements.

Benefits for you

Gain a holistic understanding of business essentials in just 4-days
Acquire practical skills and tools to excel in your current role or transition to a new one
Recognise effective leadership techniques and how best to apply your own strengths in a leadership role
Understand key financial statements and engage confidently in financial management processes
Learn how to employ a structured approach to making strategic business decisions
Utilise coaching as a tool to lead change and manage performance within your organisation
Network with industry professionals and like-minded peers
Earn a valuable certificate on completion

Benefits for your organisations

Leadership Development: Your employees will develop their leadership skills, improving their ability to manage teams, and prepare for leadership roles within the organisation
Strategic Thinking: Employees exposed to strategic management concepts can contribute more effectively to the organisation’s long-term planning and strategy execution, ensuring alignment with market trends and competitive forces
Cross-Functional Understanding: Covering multiple business disciplines means your employees are provided with a more comprehensive view of the organisation. This can lead to improved collaboration and understanding between different departments and teams
Better Decision-Making: With a stronger understanding of business principles, employees can make better-informed decisions that are in the best interest of the organisation, leading to more efficient operations and improved profitability
Talent Retention and Succession Planning: Mini-MBA programmes can identify potential future leaders within the organisation, aiding in succession planning and ensuring there is a pool of qualified individuals to fill critical roles as required
Competitive Advantage: A workforce with advanced business knowledge and skills can give the organisation a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as employees are better equipped to adapt to changes and drive growth

Additional Information

Dietary requirements will be catered for. Please inform a member of our team at the point of booking if you have special dietary requirements.

We have a ‘Delegate Rate’ available for Hotel Room Bookings associated with this programme. Please contact a member of our team to request hotel booking details when you book onto one of our programmes.

Upcoming programmes

Format Location Dates Duration Times Venue Fees Availability
Face-to-face Dubai 1st-4th July 4-days 9am-4pm To be confirmed on 15th June (Dubai central) £4,200* Available
*Early Booking and Group Discount Available
– 10% Early Booking Discount available until 15th June
– Group Booking Discount (2-5 Delegates) – 5% (available in addition to Early Booking Discount)
– Group Booking Discount (5+ Delegates) – 10% (available in addition to Early Booking Discount)
On completion of this programme all delegates will receive a certification of completion awarded by Illuminare Executive Education. This programme has been recognised for its high-quality provision and relevance to global business by the University of Buckingham, UK. A ‘Mini-MBA Programme Certificate of Endorsement’ awarded by the University of Buckingham will be presented to all delegates on completion of the programme. This cost is included in the Programme Fee.

Booking Form

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The progression through the Mini-MBA has been nothing short of transformative. It has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how external and internal factors shape operations and financial strategies’.

Transportation Solutions Manager, Abu Dhabi

Overall, I feel that the Mini-MBA program has provided me with a strong foundation in key business concepts and tools that will be invaluable in my future career. I plan to continue building on this foundation by applying these concepts and tools in my day-to-day work and seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow as a business professional’.

Applications Support Manager, UAE

I have found the subject matter both challenging and enlightening. Thank you for your guidance throughout this programme’.

AI R&D Manager, Abu Dhabi

I would like to thank you for your time and valuable information you have provided during the wonderful course’.

Solutions Architect, Abu Dhabi

By applying these techniques, we can evaluate short-term and long-term decisions effectively and make informed choices that align with our company’s strategic goals and drive its success’.

Logistics Manager, Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Illuminare Executive Education

Our Vision

To become the premier global provider of executive education and corporate services, setting new standards for quality and impact in the industry.

Our Mission

To meet the educational and developmental needs of global organisations. Through the expertise of our academics and industry-leading professionals, we deliver exceptional services rooted in the standards of UK Higher Education and Masters-level provision.

Our Commitment

To offer accessible, flexible, and practical solutions that adapt to the ever-changing market landscape and deliver real-world impact. Operating with agility, customisation, and responsiveness, we will ensure alignment with the evolving demands and requirements of businesses.

Our Values

Are centred around people, quality, and impact. We prioritise the development and well-being of our clients and employees, uphold the highest standards of quality in all our endeavours embracing innovation to stay ahead of the curve, and strive to make a meaningful difference in the organisations we serve and the communities we impact. Our services come with UK Higher Education Institution endorsement and certification, providing our clients with confidence in the quality and credibility of our offerings.

Our Approach

Is sector led, characterised by accessibility, flexibility, and practicality, ensuring that our offerings are readily available, adaptable, and highly applicable in real-world scenarios. We bring our services to our clients, how, when and where they need them.

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Our Services Empower Leaders and Organisations to Adapt and Thrive

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, the needs of the workforce are undergoing significant transformation. Statistics reveal that individuals are now embarking on an average of 6 to 8 distinct careers throughout their professional lives, a stark contrast to previous generations. Moreover, many of the jobs existing today are projected to become obsolete within the next three decades, replaced by automation, artificial intelligence, and technological advancements. This shift underscores the critical importance of ongoing training and skills development to ensure adaptability and resilience in the face of such dynamic changes.

Leaders too are facing an array of challenges unlike any seen before. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, shifting market dynamics, and evolving consumer preferences, the traditional paradigms of leadership are being continually reshaped. Furthermore, the rise of remote work and the gig economy presents new complexities in managing and motivating teams dispersed across geographies and time zones. To navigate these challenges effectively, leaders must embrace innovation in their approach, fostering a culture of adaptability, creativity, and resilience within their organisations.

As the nature of work continues to evolve, individuals and leaders alike must equip themselves with a diverse set of competencies and capabilities to thrive in this ever-changing environment. Investing in continuous learning and up-skilling is essential not only for personal growth but also for remaining competitive and relevant in the modern workforce.

Why choose Illuminare Executive Education?

Illuminare Executive Education was founded to meet the needs of global corporations and professionals who appreciate and demand high-quality education and services that the UK Higher Education sector is renowned for. Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we provide it in ways that are easy to access, agile to engage with, and applied in delivery.

We are proud that our founders and team are all leading UK academics and practitioners. Our programmes are all designed to the same quality standards that UK Universities adhere to. For many years we have successfully designed, validated, and delivered new and existing UK university programmes (degrees, apprenticeships, short courses, and executive education) to meet market demand, and we continue to provide advisory services on curricular modifications to ensure they reflect the changing needs of the global market.

Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we bring you our knowledge, skills, experience, and support through provision of our own university endorsed globally recognised programmes, business services and executive coaching. As a mark of our high-quality provision, all our programmes are available with UK university certification and / or CPD certification on request.

Our team have extensive experience of working in and with organisations from around the world and will bring you the latest research, teaching and learning combined with the most current global professional practice, in ways that work for you and your organisation.

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