Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Become a high-performing leader and manager by mastering the art of emotional intelligence. Delivered by specialists in leadership and emotional intelligence, this programme includes personal EQi Profiling, Coaching and Action Planning for continued professional development. This 4-day programme is available with UK University Certification of Endorsement and/or CPD Certification 30 hrs/points on request.

Programme Overview

Our Leading with Emotional Intelligence 4-day programme is designed to enhance your self-awareness and improve your ability to manage your emotions, and those of individuals and teams you work with, lead and manage. Research shows that Emotional Intelligence (also referred to at EI or EQ) is crucial for effective leadership, its the highest scoring trait attributed to the top 20% of leaders . This programme aims to equip you with the skills needed to recognise and positively influence emotions in yourself, others, teams and groups.

During this programme you will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to become an emotionally intelligent leader, learning how to apply emotional intelligence in specific leadership contexts to achieve the authority and success you require.

Programme Overview:

Developing intrapersonal skills for self-awareness and self-regulation

Practicing interpersonal skills such as empathy and relationship management

Managing emotional stress

Promoting wellness for self and others

Becoming an innovative leader

Every delegate will complete an individual EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Profile as part of this programme (and covered within the programme fee) and will receive accompanying coaching and training tips and recommendations to enhance their own levels of emotional intelligence beyond the scope of the knowledge developed and activities covered within this 4 day programme, ensuring continuous and consistent development long after the programme has finished (this is also available as an independent profile and coaching package at a cost of £650)

This programme is ideal for senior and mid-level managers, aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to enhance their emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Contact our team to enquire about joining our next Open Programme, or to discuss your in-house requirements.

Benefits for you

Develop an accurate self-awareness and self-assessment of yourself.
The opportunity to practice self-management regulation of emotion
Learn how to develop and have a positive influence on the emotions and motivation of others.
Learn how to develop cohesive and emotionally intelligence teams for enhanced efficiency and performance.
Learn how to make emotionally intelligent decisions when faced with challenging tasks or pressured decisions.
Utilise coaching tools to lead change and manage performance of yourself and those you work, lead and interact with.
Experience emotional intelligence profiling and leave with a personalisd development plan.
Understand and apply the psychology of leadership
Network with industry professionals and like-minded peers
Earn a valuable certificate on completion

Benefits for your organisations

Leadership Development: Your employees will develop their leadership skills, improving their ability to manage teams, and prepare for leadership roles within the organisation
Healthier employees who can handle and manage stress more efficiently and proactively.
Improve teamwork and team-building skills through greater emotional intelligence.
Enhance cooperation through better relationship building skills
Talent Retention and Succession Planning through the development of leadership capability and enhanced performance management.
Develop an emotionally intelligence work environment.
Delegates will leave with an emotional intelligence development plan that can be used for continued professional development

Upcoming programmes

Format Location Dates Duration Fees Availability
Face-to-face Dubai September 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face London November 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face Edinburgh September 2024 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face Abu Dhabi October 2024 4-days £4200 Available
This programme comes with a UK University Certificate of Endorsement in recognition of its high-quality sector leading provision. This programme is also available with CPD Certification of 30 hours /points. If you would like to receive certification, please let a member of our team know when you enrol onto the programme.

Why choose Illuminare Executive Education?

Illuminare Executive Education was founded to meet the needs of global corporations and professionals who appreciate and demand high-quality education and services that the UK Higher Education sector is renowned for. Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we provide it in ways that are easy to access, agile to engage with, and applied in delivery.

We are proud that our founders and team are all leading UK academics and practitioners. Our programmes are all designed to the same quality standards that UK Universities adhere to. For many years we have successfully designed, validated, and delivered new and existing UK university programmes (degrees, apprenticeships, short courses, and executive education) to meet market demand, and we continue to provide advisory services on curricular modifications to ensure they reflect the changing needs of the global market.

Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we bring you our knowledge, skills, experience, and support through provision of our own university endorsed globally recognised programmes, business services and executive coaching. As a mark of our high-quality provision, all our programmes are available with UK university certification and / or CPD certification on request.

Our team have extensive experience of working in and with organisations from around the world and will bring you the latest research, teaching and learning combined with the most current global professional practice, in ways that work for you and your organisation.

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