Sustainability Leadership

Navigating the Future through Sustainability-Driven Leadership. This 4-day programme will equip delegates with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to lead organisations toward environmental and social responsibility while fostering innovation and sustainable growth. Available with UK University Certification of Endorsement and/or CPD Certification 30 hrs/points on request.

Programme Overview

Unlock the future of leadership with our cutting-edge 4-day executive programme on Sustainability Leadership. In a world where environmental and social responsibility have become paramount, this programme is your key to navigating the complexities of sustainability while achieving unparalleled business success.

You’ll learn from leading academics and industry experts, gain valuable insights from real-world case examples, and learn how to develop a leadership style that drives positive environmental and social impact for organisational innovation and growth. Together with our team and peers, you’ll delve into the intricacies of sustainable business models, learn to integrate environmental, social, and governance principles into decision-making, and learn how to navigate complex supply chain sustainability challenges.

Elevate your leadership potential, drive change, and be at the forefront of a global movement towards a brighter, more sustainable world.

Benefits for you

Gain a broad perspective on global sustainability challenges
Learn how to identify new opportunities for sustainable product development, processes, and services
Discover ways to identify and mitigate environmental, social, and governance risks
Learn how to develop a culture of responsibility and integrity within your team and organisation
Learn alongside a peer group of like-minded professionals, experts, and organisations

Benefits for your organisations

Ensure your organisation can identify and mitigate risks (environmental, social, governance), reducing the potential for negative impacts on your organisation’s reputation and financial stability
Identify and learn how to employ sustainable practices for cost savings and resource efficiencies
Gain insights into evolving environmental regulations to ensure organisational compliance
Promote ethical leadership within your organisation
Become an organisation that champions sustainability

Upcoming programmes

Format Location Dates Duration Fees Availability
Face-to-face London Nov 2023 4-days £3950 FULL
Face-to-face Dubai Sept 2024 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face Edinburgh Oct 2024 4-days £4200 Available
Face-to-face Abu Dhabi Nov 2024 4-days £4200 Available
This programme comes with a UK University Certificate of Endorsement in recognition of its high-quality sector leading provision. This programme is also available with CPD Certification of 30 hours /points. If you would like to receive certification, please let a member of our team know when you enrol onto the programme.

Why choose Illuminare Executive Education?

Illuminare Executive Education was founded to meet the needs of global corporations and professionals who appreciate and demand high-quality education and services that the UK Higher Education sector is renowned for. Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we provide it in ways that are easy to access, agile to engage with, and applied in delivery.

We are proud that our founders and team are all leading UK academics and practitioners. Our programmes are all designed to the same quality standards that UK Universities adhere to. For many years we have successfully designed, validated, and delivered new and existing UK university programmes (degrees, apprenticeships, short courses, and executive education) to meet market demand, and we continue to provide advisory services on curricular modifications to ensure they reflect the changing needs of the global market.

Here at Illuminare Executive Education, we bring you our knowledge, skills, experience, and support through provision of our own university endorsed globally recognised programmes, business services and executive coaching. As a mark of our high-quality provision, all our programmes are available with UK university certification and / or CPD certification on request.

Our team have extensive experience of working in and with organisations from around the world and will bring you the latest research, teaching and learning combined with the most current global professional practice, in ways that work for you and your organisation.

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